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just beutiful....

my fav was the ears one....i love you


ahhh this ones just great lol and listen for those who give this kid bad reviews just for the hell of it i have some thing to say to YOU!YES U MOVIE WATCHERS listen were in the prime of our life...and if we cant lip sing to jem and dance to it then put it on newgrounds for everyone to piss theyre pants too then why are we here?i congratulate this kid for bringin back the randomass dancing to songs weve never herd before kid give urself a pat on the back because this ones a keeper![ps your not the only dude who lip sings randomlly to songs i do it 2!LOL]


it made me laugh,cry,vomit[in a good way]all at the same time...it sounded like this
boohoohahablah but it was a superb flash the animation was a lil dodgy but i think the dialouge made up for that!

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needs work

you should add more feutures too it.like one maddness thing like this had body parts in diffrent possitions,guns,and objects you should add some more things like that

Fringo responds:

Thank you, I am planning on adding some guns, possibly have two pages worth of drag & drop.

that wasnt that good

no offense im a big fan of athf myself infact ive seen every episode so i can anser any question up and down but dr.weird was also killed by corn in the begging of one athf show when it propelld itself into his face while aflame but good job u knew ur facts i say try to make a new one with even harder questions

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10 amazing stars!!!!

I abosolutley love it.I must admit i actually shed a tear listining to this.Im going to download this and use it in my films.God bless.

Assassin2 responds:

It's great when people respond well to something you make,, even better when they feel something from it, but when they want to use it in their own creation and make something themselves because of it, it's a very good feeling and I thank you for that and your PM's.
I'm studying design right now and haven't the time to make any more music, I hope to learn a bit more about how to use FL, and start making some more music.
Thank you for the kind words and if you ever do make a film, with or without my music do let me know.

hi im here to become a story line writer so if u wanna team up message me and just gimme credit in the credits and possibly name a character after me lol i got lots of great ideas and dont undermine me cuz im new ive been writing hilarious storys for year

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